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Video Production

Video Production

Video is the most effective communication tool, indispensable for any artistic and commercial activity; we produce music videos, videos of live shows, fashion videos, corporate, industrial and institutional films, reportage of events and backstages, contents for video installations, mapped projections, educational and educational videos and documentaries. Our structure can take care of the entire production, from the creative phase to the finished product or collaborate with the customer’s team to manage all the manufacturing and technical aspects.

Video studio services:

  • High definition and 4K video shooting, single troupe or multi-camera service with directing.
  • Assembly and post-production.
  • Motion graphics design and animation.
  • Color correction, compositing, visual FX, titrations.
  • Elaboration of texts and screenplay.
  • Research or production of music and sound effects.
  • Recording of speakers and multilingual dubbing.
  • Transcodifiche of professional level, digitization of archive material.

In addition, our skills in video encoding, DCP for cinema, authoring and programming of interactive media, will ensure you complete assistance in the finalization phase on the media of your choice – DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, broadcast, web video, etc.

We are at the forefront from a technical and creative point of view, always up to date on new technologies and innovative communication languages:

  • Stereoscopic 3D video.
  • Video Mapping for events and installations.
  • Shooting and production of 360 VR Video for web and virtual reality devices.



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May 8, 2017